This is the perfect 3D desktop workstation

A 3D display with an exceptional stereoscopic view.

This technology allows flicker-free work, the user's eyes will not become tired. Due to its user friendly design both screens can be inclined and adapted to the user's height. lt is equipped with a solid steel frame. The whole display system is low-maintenance, particularly long lasting and sustainable as components can easily be changed. The screen holder is reusable in case screens need to be changed or upgraded.

Our DoubleView screens have all these features. They are made for professional applications requiring high-end stereoscopic image presentation and comfortable viewing. A DoubleView system consists of two identical flat screens. The two polarised images are merged by a semipermeable mirror. Passive polarising glasses lead the merged image back to both eyes. DoubleView displays are delivered ready for use.

The 2D/3D screen is easy to handle by a plug and play with openGL and DirectX applications supporting stereo. A graphic board which supports OpenGL or DirectX Stereo is required.

Our DoubleView screens are available in three sizes: 24" and 27" model with full HD resolution and a 28" model with 4K resolution.

Two pairs of passive polarising glasses are included in delivery of each DoubleView screen.

Do you have special requirements or wishes regarding your 3D desktop workstation?

Do not hestiate to ask for individual dimensions or special resolution or additional screens.

Main features
The only inclinable system on the market
Different sizes and resolution options available
Stereoscopic viewing in full resolution
Fatigue-proof work, flicker-free viewing with
polarising glasses, high-contrast images
Can be used in typical office lighting environment
Additional screens available

Geospatial and photogrammetry
Computer-based chemistry
Data visualisation
Oil and gas exploration
Simulation und Training
Computer Aided Design
visual stereo

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