Why would you want to deploy virtual reality?

Would you like to be more productive, producing better products in fewer cycles and reducing cost? Have you recognised that VR is a communication tool? Would you like to use VR as a marketing tool to be ahead of competition? Is it no longer possible to analyse your complex data without looking at three-dimensional projections?

Excellent! These are some good indications for the need of VR solutions.

Now some questions:

  • How can you establish VR in a pragmatic sense?
  • And of course, what is your return on investment?

A VR System always consists of three basic components:

Software: Does the operating system fit into your strategic environment? Which software provides the best flat learning curve? Is your software capable of providing stereo views ? Does it provide a link to your data? Does your software support the input and tracking systems of your choice? Hopefully the software provider will tell you?

Computer: What are the performance needs? Do you need anti-aliasing? Do you work with multiple textures? What size do you need for your frame buffer? Do you need to move many polygons as fast as possible, or do you need to focus on realistic visualisation? Do you need more than one graphical pipeline? Hopefully the hardware provider will tell you?

Display System: Do you need a multi-channel wall, a portable display system, or even a CAVE? Does it make sense to work with active (shutter glasses) or passive stereo (polarized filter glasses)? Linear or circular polarisation? DLP, LCD, or CRT Beamers? Light intensity, space requirements, which infrastructure? How immersive is your solution? Hopefully your projection system provider will tell you?

You don't want to get product and consulting services from three different providers?

We understand your needs! We are offering a unique profile designed to minimise your work. Thanks to our long lasting and wide ranging experience in the VR market, we know the pros and cons of all the various different systems.

In fact, we are the only independent VR consultancy. This means we can elaborate on an implementation concept specifically tailored to your needs. We can outline the benefits and the costs. We work together with leading partners, and can therefore tell you exactly what you could get with what system. And we identify the best-of-class solution for you. We test the untested and are providing turnkey solutions for you.

Please get in touch with us. It will pay off!