System Components

New: The particularly robust and ergonomic 3fly

– a VR navigation tool compatible with optic infrared tracking system from ART and OptiTrack

Kauber Projection Screens

Products include high quality foil screens like electric roll-screens, frame projections - also curved, tripod screens, electric drive.

Different projection foils are available (also 3D passive or perforated).

Price List

New: The 3Dims UniTrackStar

Our new passive Universal Targets are perfect as a target for 3D glasses, a tool or a hand and fit to all infrared tracking systems like for instance of ART. They are easy to install, are stable and adjustable. By repositioning new bodys can be easily generated.

A more flexible and inexpensive solution can not be found on the market so far.


3Dims is the new official partner of BARCO in the Rhein/Main area. We are now the point of contact for all BARCO products like beamer, display systems, LED walls and of course the popular Clickshare System.

Expansion of our range of products

Secondly we've expanded our range of products and are now offering the complete solution for signal management, Digital Signage, and anything else related you might need.

For any questions or requests please contact us!


The new and revolutionary Zspace200 is available.

The major improvements are brightness, a better channel separation, different adjustments of the angle, an integrated usb hub, the possibility to move a keyboard under the display as well as an on/off switch.

And the best:

3Dims offers also a XXL version: the Zwall. Experience a whole new feling of immersion: you can almost walk around the object. Like in a CAVE or L-shape, just more compact, cost-effective, portable and installable in every office.

Please make an appointment with our Demo Center - you will be amazed!

zSpace Broschure

zSpace Tech Sheet

Barco (ProjectionDesign) F50

New in our range - the new Barco (ProjectionDesign) F50.

Key data:

  • great resolution: 2560x1600p native!
  • 3D active stereo 120Hz with full resolution
  • 5000 lumen


The pro series from Optoma

We expanded our portfolio with the professional series from Optoma. Your benefit: good quality with low prices. Ask us – we are Optoma Premium Partner.


In response to the great demand, 3Dims has launched a small series of the popular passive 3D stereo monitors – the Sonic3!

  • high level, light, clear, 3D picture with light passive glasses for fatigue-free long working times in 3D stereo with full HD resolution
  • ergonomic due to adjustable tilt
  • 2 x 27 Zoll HD monitor with LED TFT technology
  • compatible with all openGL stereo applications in connection with dual-channel output card from Nvidia or ATI

You want to control your projectors/displays easily and reliably via RS232 without any programming effort?

We have the right solution for you:

The JED Micro Controller has control codes for more than 1.700 displays loaded. All you need to do is to choose the model which you want to control and that's it - it can't be easier than that !


The 3Dims WP8 pannel is an easy but very effective small RS232 control unit.

It is equiped with three RS232, three infra red and two relais exits. This makes it possible to control a whole conference room.

The eight keys are freely programmable, can be labelled and are illuminated.

It comes with a control program that can be programmed via USB.

If you don't want to do this by yourself, our experts are here to help you!


Professional IR and wireless glasses

3Dims recommends the professional IR and wireless glasses of Volfoni and Xpand. Price on request.


Attractive Universal Shutter Glasses with infrarot and RF receiver wgich makes it compatible to almost everthing 3D offers.

More advantages:

  • large field of vision
  • very stable design
  • klap braces
  • comes with a beautiful, stable case
  • battery operation

More information:

Volfoni Edge RF with inflexible earpiece (perfect for wearer of glasses)

Touch Boards and Monitors from Hyunday

3Dims distributes the touch boards and monitors from Hyunday which are attractive by an exceptional price/performance ratio.

Please ask for an offer.


New Cuanbo Extender for HDMI and HDBaseT

MVO-H-TR 4K x 2K HDMI Mini Fiber Optical Extender

230ft HDBaseT Extender MVE-CAT-TR-S1

330ft HDBaseT Extender MVE-CAT-TR-S2

HDBaseT Wall Plate MVP-H-TR-S1/S2

3Dims back projection foil Vision 3D wide view

– we succesfully applied this foil with a lot of projects and also distribute them to our clients - both as single foil and with a frame, or as a special manual back projection rollscreen.Info PDF

This foil is perfectly suited for high end back projections, even with a wide angle lens or an ultra wide angle lens and/or edgeblending systems and 4k projectors. The gain curve is leveled and allows an extra wide viewing angle without a hotspot.

The half gain angle will be reached by 90 degrees!!! the outcome of this is a recommended viewing angle of 170 degrees!

Suited active stereo or Infitec, not polarization maintaining. The length of the foil has no limits, starting at a height of 220cm,the foils will be attached with an almost invisible laser application.

Vision 3D foils have won a lot of benchmarks to established manufacturers and is also cost effective to purchase. An installation can be viewed at the Frauenkirche, Munich. A quote of the system integrator:

"The picture is awesome and we are very satisfied with the foil - your expectations were mor then fulfilled"

Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Lens

With the new ultrashort throw optik from Panasonic(0,4:1), 3Dims can install high quality front and rear projection systems with so far impossible low profiles. For example a 100“(215x135cm) with only 85cm of depth. Even large rear projections like 340x210cm(approx. 152“) are possible. And all that with high brightness of 8000 Lumens in 3D Stereo at 1920x1200p with 120Hz.

Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Lens